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Example Presentations

Why presentations?

Companies use them as tools to gauge whether you have the right skill set i.e. how you think strategically and what research you have done. It will show what you know about the role or project you have been set  and how long it will take for you to deliver results. They are also invaluable to clients in assessing how well you will cope under pressure.


     Example 1                  Example 2

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Interview Advice

This section contains information on interview technique, frequently asked questions and general advice. The interview is the final hurdle to finding a new position, however many people let themselves down, through poor preparation and lack of thought. Every interview is different, however if you follow the advice outlined below, it is unlikely you will come across any nasty surprises at interview.

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CV Advice

Your CV is one of the most important tools required for a job search. In many circumstances, a poorly presented CV can be the difference between success and missing out on your ideal job.

Whether responding to an advert or a direct call, your CV will be competing with many others and thus must stand out and convey the right impression first time. Many people mistake the phrase ‘stand out’ to mean flashy, or colourful or wacky. This is most definitely not the case! A carefully written CV, containing information relevant to the application, that is structured and logical in appearance, is invaluable in your search for a new job.

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We use profiles with highlighted areas to gain immediate attention from recruiters and companies.The profile should be bedded into the email rather than in attachments.

A lot of head hunters use highly trained researchers and P.A.'s to scan CV's and they miss things over a 2/4 page CV so it is important to highlight your career and achievements in 9/12 lines and maybe even tailor make it towards the job application itself.... please see example CV letter.

Career Advice

All of our consultants have a minimum of 6 years senior recruitment experience and have experience of working in a variety of industries. As a result of this wealth of experience, Churchill pride themselves on giving honest and relevant career advice to candidates of all level.

Churchill Cover Letter

Churchill has their own way of getting your application/introduction to your target company. Stand out by summarizing your achievements in 9 lines.

Example SS Cover Letter
CV Advice

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Never accept a Counteroffer

Most candidates who accept a counteroffer regret it. Here’s why:Your current employer is trying to cover their own backs. When you quit, they lose money and the manager looks bad! It is better for them to keep you on board until they find a replacement... if they find your replacement, you’re gone!

How to Research a Company

What do you need to know?
Who is the company?
Number of employees?
How many offices and where are they located?
Hint: use for free information

Ask an Interviewer

At close of the interview when you are asked by the Interviewer’’ Do you have any questions? ’’ If you are at the stage whereby you have covered all you want to know previously or you freeze for ideas on what to question to ask!



If you wish to register with us, please send your details to Make sure you include your name, address, telephone number and email address. You may also attach your latest CV.

Example CV Templates

   Example 1 CV

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    Example 2 CV

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  Example MD CV

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  Example SS CV

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Graduate CV 1
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Graduate CV 2
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Graduate CV 3
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Graduate CV 4
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