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"The ability to attract and retain the most effective people in the key area of your business."
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We operate throughout the whole of the UK, and have offices based centrally. We regularly travel either North or South to interview and visit clients and potential candidates



Advertised Assignments

Within the world of Search and Section, Advertised Assignments via online social media i.e. Linkedin Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc support traditional head- hunting.






Search & Selection

Churchill's expertise extends to the area of specific search assignment which, by definition, involves identifying a limited number of candidates often for a specialist or senior position. Churchill's unique industry knowledge and research expertise, coupled with a detailed client brief, produces a list of target companies where key individuals are identified. The individuals concerned are approached in the strictest confidence where the opportunity is outlined, again confidentially, until interest is indicated.


Psychometric Testing

Repeated independent studies have demonstrated that the appropriate use of psychometric testing adds significantly to the predictive validity of the selection process. Through our associate partner we are able to offer a range of psychometric tests.